You’re Engaged, So Now What?

There is no right or wrong way to go about your wedding planning or life with your partner. You have to communicate and find out what is most important to you both. Don’t you just hate bullcocky articles where you think you’re going to find the answer to a burning question, only to find out the author has zero professional opinion? No need to worry about that here – I’m full of opinions! You’re engaged, so now what?

#1 – First and foremost, COMMUNICATE. Ok, I know I just made fun of people who make mystical-fairytale-pink-confetti comments, but this is true – you need to be on the same page as your partner (with most things wedding-related).

#2 – Figure out overarching broad-spectrum ideas with your partner.

  • Where do you want your wedding? Geographically, not venue specific… yet.
  • What time of year would you like to get married? Fall, spring, or maybe a particular month. Don’t pick a specific date yet, unless you have a darn good reason to. I’ve seen it all too many times where couples select a date, only to find out their dream venue has already been booked that day.
  • How many people would you like to attend? Under 50, 75-125, 150+, etc.
  • How involved do you want to be in the planning process? Every detail, partially involved, far removed.
  • What is your approximate budget? Not sure? Check out my article about working out a reasonable budget, how to cut costs in the right places, and knowing that this celebration is worth EVERY PENNY!

#3 – Don’t rush anything, but be cognizant of time. Enjoy being engaged, indulge in two or eight cake tastings, find a special place for your engagement photo session, but realize that time is not limitless – deciding between aqua, sea foam green, teal, or Tiffany blue… PICK ONE!

#4 – Choose your wedding party #SquadGoals.

  • What number of bridesmaids and groomsmen is appropriate? No more than six on each side – photos are tough with more than that. If you must have more, it’s not the end of the world.
  • Odd or even number? I prefer even – that way the bride or groom can be in the middle.
  • Do I have to include my siblings or my partner’s siblings? Not necessarily, but make sure you thoroughly think through this decision. If they are significantly older, much younger, or you aren’t as close with them, you may want to consider including them another way – perhaps as a musician, reader, usher, etc.
  • Do I have to have a maid of honor, best man, or bridal party at all? No!

#5 – Start a Pinterest page, but don’t obsess, Miss Strawberry Acai Refresher with Coconut Milk #PinkDrink #basic.

  • Pin pictures of things you like – dresses, venues, table design, makeup, hair, food, invitations, decorations, etc. Share this with your partner to see if there are any HARD PASSES or HELL NOs! Delete those things or create a dislike board.
  • Share this with your wedding planner – it will be a huge help in brining your vision to life.

This is the time to enjoy your relationship and get to know each other on a new and deeper level. Weddings have many moving parts, but should not be stressful – and when they are, it’s time to take a deep breath and move forward one step at a time.

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